About us

After taking a break from his beloved brand Bengi Jeans in 2013, Brooklyn-based designer Nandy Forbes has returned to the textile  through World of Nandy, with a new collection marked by super sexy, lace up women’s denim that could do double time as lingerie.

Forbes reentered the denim space with the online site World of Nandy in early 2016, as an outlet for the many lovers of his work to be able to purchase exclusive custom made pieces from his new collection of work under the Bengi Jeans and world of Nandy brands.

Denim aficionados will recall Forbes’ famed Brooklyn jean, a dark denim jean with the Brooklyn Bridge embroidered on the back pocket, a look that began as a customization and evolved into a full brand in 2009 when Brooklyn retailer Vinnie’s spotted the trend and wanted as many as Forbes could supply.

In 2009, Forbes officially launched the Bengi Jean label and it was eventually stocked in over 24 stores and received celebrity stamps of approval from entertainers including Teyana Taylor,Chris brown and Trey Songz.

When the trend began to shift to joggers and sneakers in the early teens, the changing fashion winds began to cut into not just demand, but the designer’s own enthusiasm for the label. “I never really had any real branding or marketing and I started to felt boxed in as a hood brand,” Forbes said. “I saw the shift and decided to close Bengi jeans in 2013.”

With denim cycling back in a more artful way a couple of years ago, Forbes jumped back into the design game, though this time he’s strictly designing for women. “For men the silhouettes can be somewhat experimental,” explained Forbes, “but in terms of sexiness for women the possibilities are endless. You can go all out with full leg reveal.”

While his Instagram is his main tool of promotion, current pieces of World of Nandy can be made to order on worldofnandy.com.